Misty Surlingham Walk

Surlingham Ruin copy

Whilst taking a beautiful, misty walk in Surlingham (Norfolk) this weekend, I stumbled upon this moody looking ruin.

I love the reflections in the water and the slope of the land gently converging with the curve of the water.

Bryant-Reverter Wedding

Happy Couple Blog

Back from the beautiful wedding of our amazing friends Simon and Mireia.

The wedding was held in a 19th Century Spanish mansion house in the centre of Barcelona.

Such an intimate event, where the ceremony takes place in the garden and the guests are in a semi-circle looking on at the couple.

Back from Snowdonia

We had a fantastic time photographing slate mines and waterfalls in Snowdonia National Park, and met some great people too.

A massive thank you to Digital Masterclass for arranging


Heading to Snowdonia today with Digital Master Class to capture waterfalls and slate mines.

Very excited about capturing some beautiful landscapes and some soft, long exposure waterfalls

Watch this space for the results